Nine Dyads, 2021
715 x 585 mm
Watercolour, collage, pen, Sumi ink, pencil, tape on paper and mountboard.

Untitled, 2021
Ceramic, Cigar Box, Oil, Oil Pastel, Leather, Natural Chalk, Ultramarine Pigment, Watercolour, Pencil, Paper, Indian Ink, Metal Cups, Thread, Piano keys, Mountboard, Plywood, Collage, Acrylic, Leather Belts, Willowherb, Chickweed, Ragwort, Sow Thistle, Mugwort, Wooden Marbles

Untitled, 2021
Ceramic, Plywood, Cigar Box, Clay Marbles, Oil, Leather and Collage

Bloom and Prosper, 2020  
Watercolour, pencil and collage on paper 
34.5 × 132 cm

Before/After Completion, 2020  
Paper assemblage with watercolour, pencil, collage, acrylic 
32 × 120 cm

And the running blackberry would adorn the parlours of heaven, 2021
69 x 69cm
Watercolour and collage on paper